It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 11 years since the inception of Seismic Pixels. In all that time, the website at has barely changed at all. In fact, the first four years it was just 3D rendered text until it finally received some news and contact information at the bottom.

Going through old backups of the site, it’s clear just how little changed. See the screenshots below — it’s essentially text updates. At one point scrolling news was added, which allowed for more content and the main image swapped from the 3D text to site screenshots.

Seismic Pixels website design iterations website iterations

You know what they say about the cobbler’s shoes — always the worst. Well, that’s been true here too. Despite producing high quality websites for clients for over 11 years, there’s never been much time left in the day to build out something nice to showcase a few of the things we do around here.

“But who is wurs shod, than the shoemakers wyfe, With shops full of newe shapen shoes all hir lyfe?”

– 1546 J. Heywood Dialogue of Proverbs i. xi. E1V

It’s time for big boy pants

We’re finally working to overcome the limitations of not having a showcase site to speak of and here’s the new version. What can you expect to see on the new site?

  • Articles
  • Helpful links
  • Code examples
  • And more!

Stay tuned for more, and thanks for visiting the site, we hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter.